“A class act in a crowded field.”
Parenting Magazine

“Guaranteed to sooth your little one to sleep.”
Working Mother Magazine

“Classical guitarist Ray Penney proves that an exceptional children’s album doesn’t need words. With artistry, clarity and expressive touch, Penney makes his guitar sing, and that’s enough. The quiet spirit-lifting pieces, played with Penney’s love for the guitar in every note, fall on the ear with exquisite melodic simplicity.”
Lynne Heffley, Parent’s Choice reviewer

“Simultaneously soothing, simple, and sophisticated, this collection will have listeners of any age relaxed by the second track on the album.”
L.A. Parent Magazine

New York Family Magazine

“An outstanding alternative to the norm in family music. An album to stimulate the minds of young ones without losing its presence.”
CD Baby

“...a marvelous introduction to classical music. So soothing parent’s may fall asleep.”

“...this is beautiful music that will relax both adults and babies.”
BAM, Norwegian Parent’s Magazine\

“A guitar played well is heaven and that describes this collection of guitar solos...This is a keeper.”
Val Leonard Smalkin, Syndicated Music Columnist

“The sound of finger on guitar string is uncommonly comforting.”
Kristi Beavin, Parents Choice Reviewer

“Best lullaby recording award.”
Debra Moore, Syndicated Music Columnist 



Goodmorning Guitar
Goodnight Guitar
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